Doors to…

  • the imagination and all the “what-ifs” our minds can grasp
  • awe-struck wonder
  • God’s creative power
  • sometimes painful, but indispensable, vulnerability
  • “Aha!” moments
  • enough curiosity to kill the cat…nine times
  • acute awareness to the nuances of life
  • new friendships forged
  • past friendships revived

First up, new friendships forged and past friendships revived.

Attending the Christian Writer’s Den has opened up a new world of possibilities…as well as new friendships. Nothing brings a group together like constructive criticism!

Secondly, this new journey flung the door of opportunity wide open in reviving my friendship with Beth Fortune. Although we’d not seen each other in six years, it seemed more like yesterday. We’re already making plans to go here next May.

As this journey continues, I plan to pry open the door a little wider and share more details on the various opportunities listed above.

I hope you’ll join me!

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