In speaking of how our lives are influenced by others, Dan B. Allender, author of “To Be Told” says this:

“Even though our story spills into the lives of others, and even though everyone is fully involved in my becoming who I am, I can blame no one for my story. Is this a contradiction? I don’t think so. The reason it is not contradictory is simple: I will be the only person who stands before the face of God to take account for my life. Many have influenced me–both for good and ill–but I will not be able to bring a small group before the throne of God and say, “They are the ones who made me this way.”

Two Observations:

  • I believe this may be easier to grasp if you’re an only child. Who can we blame? Unfortunately, we can all find someone else (anyone else) to blame, but I have noticed that those with siblings seem to have honed their “blame game” skills over the years. I wish I could say that I act like an “only” more often in this respect, however, many days you’ll find me acting more like this Baker.
  • Be encouraged parents! We often made decisions for our boys growing up that were not popular with friends or family. Sometimes our decisions seemed too strict or confining for their taste, but Brian and I knew that we would be the ones to stand before God to give an account as to how we raised them. This one truth helped us to stick to our guns in what we believed was best for the boys, confident that God would bless our efforts, mistakes and all. And there were plenty of those!

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