When asked to list the first five items they would grab from their burning house, most in the class included their Bible. It was on my list as well. But why?

Bibles are replaceable—one visit to Lifeway proves the point. So why would most Christ-followers put their personal Bible in the top five grab list? I believe it’s because our Bible becomes a familiar friend over time. We remember the placement of verses on a particular page, our personal notes are jotted in the margin marking spiritual landmarks, and highlighted verses remind us of truths too easily forgotten.

It’s not just a Bible we’re grabbing on our way out of the burning house, it’s our Bible.

I’m convinced, however, the Kingdom advanced for God’s glory because a friend of mine chose not to see her personal Bible as hers to keep, but rather, as God’s to give away. Upon learning that a young woman with serious addictions did not own a Bible, Becky handed her familiar friend of 20+ years over to the struggling stranger without hesitation. Inside were numerous notations made over many years, as well as highlighted promises kept after her husband’s sudden passing several years ago.

Becky treasured her Bible—but she treasured the Word more.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

The woman hasn’t been seen or heard of since, but who knows? Truth may take hold of the heart and grab her from a fiery existence she never knew existed until receiving Becky’s Bible.

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