Imagine the grin as I peeled back the festive paper to find a journal with Brilliant Ideas imprinted on the front in all its Copperplate glory. (Thank you, Ellen!)

Brilliant? Sure — no pressure! Ideas? Now, that’s more my speed. 

hour prior to receiving this thoughtful gift, ideas had already begun
percolating over a plate (yes, a plate) of grits with one of the most creative people I know. Hopefully, you’ll soon see the results of that
particular grits session. 🙂

For those ideas that strike when I’m out and about, I carry a tiny moleskin notebook and pen in the front pocket of my purse because these days ideas seem to disappear as quickly as they strike. 

How about you? Do you have a method for remembering brilliant ideas that come your way? 

“Look at the blank pages before you with courage. 
Now fill them with beauty.” Blaine Hogan

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