Vonda & Edie

In Sunday’s post, several highlights were shared from last week’s conference. Today is all about our fearless leaders:

  • During Vonda’s key note speech last week, she shared the number of rejections she’d received before being published (60+). She could’ve given up at least 60 times — but she didn’t. Vonda continued pursuing her God-given calling, and as a result of her persistence, many others were motivated to do the same and were sitting in the audience that night. Many conferees shared how Vonda and Edie have made (and continue to make) an impact on their lives.
  • Barnabas Edie reminds me of a generous man found in the book of Acts. His name stands for “son of encouragement” (or in this case, “daughter of encouragement”). As busy as she is — and that’s putting it mildly — she always finds time to help and encourage other writers, especially newbies. This year, she was asked to help co-lead BRMCWC and she did an amazing job! I was proud to know her… but especially proud to call her my friend.
  • Lori, the truly fearless leader of our online group, “The Light Brigade”, has the heart of a shepherdess. She not only created this group, but she also leads it with strength and transparency, laced with much grace. We are not only better writers as a result of her leadership — we are better Christ followers.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I can’t close this post without mentioning Beth. She has been my greatest cheerleader (after Brian, of course!) and has helped me to keep the big picture in mind while having the time of my life. She is also responsible for introducing me to two women last week (Dee Dee and Latan) that are sure to be lifetime friends. This adventure wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you, my friend.

Writers are often told to “show not tell” — and that’s exactly how these ladies live and lead. They live out what they believe to the best of their ability and as a result, many lives like mine have been changed forever.

Thank you, ladies.

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