My writing nook


Today’s view

My writing nook, tucked beneath the eaves of our 100 year old home, beckons me like a familiar friend in need of company.

The rhythmic beat of words bang to life as the instrumental music of George Winston sweeps through the silence of this old house.

A solitary cloudless sulphur butterfly flitters across the window bearing the message of Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.

I cease creating devotions and devote myself to the Creator.

Cobalt-blue skies
Boys in tie-dyed shirts and cut-off jeans enjoying a game of frisbee golf
People hurriedly driving by, each loved by their Maker. Do they know?
Trees clinging to their summer wardrobe

Life is a beautiful melody played out in the so-called mundane moments of one’s day.

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