While gathering hydrangeas this morning, I was reminded of a few similarities between this beautiful bunch of flowers and the friendships cultivated at Blue Ridge last week.

  • Some flowers take root quickly while others require more time. I had the joy of experiencing both while at Blue Ridge. Newly forged friendships with Dee Dee and Latan were effortless. Meeting my online writer’s group in person was much like a family reunion and existing friendships with Beth, Ellen, Celeste, etc., plunged deeper and grew stronger as a result of our time together. Still others, whom I met while waiting for an appointment or around the dinner table, may require more time. God creates them all.
  • Flowers don’t actually bloom where they’re planted (as the saying goes) — they bloom if they’re planted properly. Don’t believe me? Try planting a day lily in a heavily shady spot and you’ll find a wimpy plant with few blooms or vivid color. Last week, I was able to see our two fearless leaders, Vonda and Edie, in their element — blooming in the sunny spots where God has placed them — and their group is forever grateful.
  • Without fertilization, flowers may survive but they’ll rarely thrive. Enter our Upstate Fellowship of Christian Writers group and the amazing online group, The Light Brigade, led by Lori Roeleveld. Words of affirmation, nurturing hugs, and fervent prayers describe this group of people who have enriched my life beyond measure.

At the banquet last Thursday night, hundreds clapped after my name was read for the award, but none as loudly or more sincerely as those sitting around our table that evening. They were my greatest cheerleaders and I was theirs.

Each flower
immersed in its own unique aroma of Christ
can saturate an entire field
when mingled among one another.

Ellen, Latan, and Celeste

I look forward to reading Dee Dee’s books to my grandchildren.
She is one amazing woman.

Lori and Julie — Light Brigade!

A night to remember…

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