My Five Favorite Fall Finds

by Cathy Baker

This will make more sense if you read yesterday’s post on making way for Fall clothes in our closets.

But if you didn’t have a chance to read it, that’s okay too!

Purchasing multiple items of clothing at one time isn’t the norm for me but this Fall, it was a necessity. Now that my conscience is eased, here are my five favorite finds this Fall:

 Rylen Boots (by Mossimo, Target) On sale this week for 35.99!
Comfy to the max.
Easton Chunky Heel Boots (by Mossimo, Target) On sale this week for $30.39.
{I purchased mine, buy one pair get another pair half-off}


 Jeggings by Lauren Conrad, Kohl’s. On sale for 35.00.
I love plaid! Especially when it comes in an oversized scarf that’s softer than the blanket it’s propped on. By Merona, Target. Retail price, 22.99. (Watch for sales!)

This was a toughie. I have other things that would’ve appeared prettier on the page but honestly, I hit the jackpot with this purchase (a whopping $8.00!) Apt. 9 Cami, at Kohls. It’s incredibly soft, stretchy, and oh so versatile.

Do you have a favorite Fall Find? Please share in the comment section! 

Honoring a Life Well-Lived

Shuping and Alberta Scott

We celebrated Alberta Scott, my paternal grandmother’s, life yesterday morning at her church, Fairforest Baptist. Years ago, she had chosen her music and Scripture verses. It was simple, yet very meaningful. I couldn’t have agreed with the pastor more when, at the end of the service, he said with every confidence that the first words she heard were “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Many lives were blessed as a result of hers.

I purposefully had not shared the funeral information with my different email groups because I didn’t want anyone to feel that I was expecting them to make the trip to Spartanburg for her funeral. So, imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw my friend Lesa, aka “Fruity” Frady, coming through the doors with another friend, Shay, from First Baptist. Shay had worked with my dad years ago and now she and Lesa (friend of almost 20 years!) are neighbors.

I had just recovered from that surprise when another friend, Sandra, walked through the doors. Sandra was in the Ladies’ Class at Temple Baptist and now she’s in our class at First Baptist. She’s a single woman who works for a not-so-nice law firm in Greenville. Because I was aware of her delicate work situation, I kept asking her how she had managed to take time off to drive over for the visitation/funeral. She finally shared, with a smile on her face, that she had worked overtime the night before, would work overtime that night, and again tonight, to make up for the time lost. I was overwhelmed by her sacrifice… and still am.

It was nice gathering with the entire family for lunch after the graveside service, but I left wondering why in the world families rarely gather like that anymore unless there’s a funeral. I’m hoping that will change.

Life truly does fly by but a life well-lived resonates throughout generations.
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