One of the boy’s favorite Christmas traditions was camping out in the den. Mid-evening, we’d sometimes make a tent that opened towards the TV so they could watch their favorite Christmas movies as they fell asleep. Other times, we’d just let them roll out their sleeping bags by the Christmas tree. Once they fell asleep, all lights went out.

You may wonder what this has to do with having a worship-filled Christmas. I’m not exactly sure — but here are two things I do know:

  • God created families before the church, which speaks to the importance of family in the big scheme of things.
  • Families who desire to follow Christ are especially targeted by Satan. If he destroys a couple, he destroys a family. If he destroys a family, he destroys a community. If he destroys communities, he destroys the nation.

There are many ways to strengthen the family unit and for us, one of those ways was to create simple traditions such as the one above. They offered stability, security, and a lot of joy over the years. 

Now, we build tents for Piper and look forward to Gabe and Liv joining in the tradition!

So what’s your favorite family tradition?

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