Where would you expect to hear these conversations within one hour’s time?

  • a son leaving for Marines
  • a book deal due by Friday
  • sheep being sheared
  • an engineer teaching the Word to autistic children in a horse stable
  • how to refresh a cottage with a hint of “lime”
  • fiction ideas based on hot flashes
  • questions on creating a blog
  • the hike up to Mt. Laurel
  • and finally, the “excuses” some make to go to the library (you know who you are)

If you guessed this morning’s Upstate Fellowship of Christian Writer’s breakfast, you’re right!

Some came to breakfast having only slept a few hours the night before, one woman joined us immediately following lab work, and another had just rowed, burning a gazillion calories (so glad she sat next to me – she deserved to have her creamy grits drooled upon!). A few had deadlines to meet, and at least one woman’s alarm clock had rebelled against her, but the award goes to Ms. Liz, who drove for over one hour to be with us. She had no other business in town but felt the trip was worth it because she longed for fellowship. Wow. We need each other!

Hope to see you all in June…

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