by Cathy Baker

What better season to curl up with a book and a warm cup of tea than Fall? This is especially true if the book you’re reading is Emily P. Freeman’s recent release, Simply Tuesday…Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. 

I’ve been a fan of Emily’s work since I read A Million Little Ways. (If you missed this post, you can read it here.) 

Her voice reads as one of a friend that you could sit with and chat for hours…on a bench, of course (you’ll have to read the book!) Her message resonates with the writer within, but even more, it echoes my desire to stay in step with the Spirit, not only in the so-called big things in life, but the small as well. 

Truth be told, I would’ve purchased this book simply based on the fact that I enjoy Emily’s work but its release date was no coincidence. In recent months, I’ve struggled with the word contentment and how it lines up with my life. I had peace about a certain situation but I wanted to put it to the test, if you will, by reading a book that deals with living in the now. I wanted to be awakened to the challenge, not soothed to sleep by words more comforting than a warm grilled cheese sandwich, with a side of soup. Emily delivered.

One of my favorite chapters is Community & Competition…Finding Safe Places to Feel Insecure. We all need to safe place to land. I know I do. Emily explores what this might look like if we have a proper perspective on community. As a result of this chapter, I’m praying about starting my own Tuesday Group. (I’ll keep you posted!)

Oh, how true! Wouldn’t you agree? It’s not called the comparison-trap for nothing.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone longing to live their ordinary days in extraordinary ways. 

So go ahead! Download this book or grab another, pour a hot cup of tea, or brew a batch of coffee, and settle in for a true celebration of this awe-inspiring season. 

Your turn! I’d love to know what book you’re currently reading. Please, share it with us. Many are searching for a good read these days. Thank you.

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