It wasn’t the “to” that caught my attention. After all, it was in my mailbox. The “from”, however, took me by surprise: Bimbo Bakeries USA
I’ll spare you the images that ran through my head but let’s just say I debated whether or not to even open it. The debate lasted oh, about three seconds, when it was suddenly hijacked by my curiosity. 
After carefully ripping peeling off the top of the envelope, I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka. I’d found the golden tickets (okay, so they’re blue) — four $4.00 coupons for my favorite bread (Sunbeam 40 calorie, wheat – 1 Weight Watchers point!)

When I called the 1-800 number last week, Sunbeam told me to expect coupons, but they did not, however, prepare me to receive an envelope from Bimbo’s.

Can we judge the contents by its envelope? Apparently, yes — but in doing so, Brian almost lost out on enough free bread to make many, many sandwiches for dinner. 🙂

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