One could rephrase a familiar bumper sticker—”Pen’s don’t write poems; poets do”—but the pen or pencil or typewriter may have a large role than just recording the writer’s inspirations; it may foster, encourage, or stimulate creativity by its feel or its familiarity.
Try writing in a different place than usual—a kitchen, a porch, an attic or basement, a diner, an airport, a library, a vacant stadium. -John Drury, Creating Poetry

Do you have a particular pen, ritual or perfect perch responsible for kick-starting your creativity? 

I admit it — I do. Fountain pens, owl-shaped coffee mugs, Pandora music, and comfy writing spots often invite my muse to join in the dance.

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is entitled “Dreamy Writing Spots”. It’s teeming with unique places to write—nooks, crannies, closets, and wide-open spaces. My most recent add is Pier 1 Imports Daisy Outdoor Swingasan™. 

It’s not in my budget, so when I say dreamy, I mean dreamy…but couldn’t you picture yourself curled up in this delightful daisy cave? 

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