If forced to get rid of all but five of my writing books, The Creative Call, An Artist’s Response to the Call of the Spirit would be one of five. 

It’s a practical and insightful workbook with eight weeks of material, plus a bonus retreat guide for group or individual use. Janice Elsheimer helps writers learn how to recognize, develop, and respond to God’s creative call as we grow in our relationship with Him. 

Did you know…J. S. Bach regularly inscribed the beginning of his scores with the letters J.J., which stood for the Latin “Jesu, Juva,” or “Jesus, help.” At the end of a composition, he often wrote S.D.G. for “Soli Deo Gloria,” or “To God alone the glory.”

With Scripture, wise quotes, and tidbits of Bach-type stories peppered throughout the book there were many “Wow!” moments, to say the least.

Yep. It’s a keeper and a favorite for sure. 

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