Some have asked about the Christmas e-project our small writer’s group, i.e., 4Corners, began a few months ago. Thanks for your interest!

The decision was made to hold off and to possibly try again for Christmas 2012. Though a disappointing outcome, we did learn several things:

  • Spend quality time “being” a group before progressing to the “doing” stage. What began as a strong support group quickly progressed in to a project-focused one. We skipped the foundation and went directly to roofing.
  • Relationships are of greater value than results—every single time. God has always been more interested in who we are than what we do. Why would a group created to glorify Him be any different?
  • God’s timing is always right. Period.
  • Waiting is never wasted. Lessons are to be learned at every juncture on this journey. Other writing projects were set aside to focus on one that didn’t come to fruition so I struggled with the feeling of having “wasted” time, but not for long. When our motivation is to glorify God, He redeems each moment.

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