by Cathy Baker

Sunshine warms the body but
warms the soul. 
We were enjoying a meal, my friend and me. Well, maybe enjoying isn’t the right word. She was struggling to come to grips with possible changes in her life and I was struggling for the right words to say. 
And then it happened. Joe, an older gentleman whose family once attended church with ours, approached our table out of nowhere and handed each of us a bouquet of flowers. 
The hands that offered us the flowers were Joe’s—the heart that prompted them, however,
 was God’s. 
Joe bought flowers that morning having no idea how greatly God would use them to encourage a person he didn’t even know. He simply felt prompted to buy and share them with others. 
Who could use a little encouragement in your sphere of influence this week? 
After all, it’s funny what a few flowers will a do. 
Tiny House on the Hill

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