Leave it to my Four Corners group (Beth, Cynthia & Carolyn) to come up with the idea of using a picture of my storyboard as the front cover for my conference notebook (aka my “one sheet”).

I searched high and low for the 3-hole row of o’ post it notes.

Looks like someone is planning to take scads of notes (that would be me!)

Next, the business cards. Thanks to Edie, this is a breeze. Business card holders include not only my cards, but also empty sheets waiting to be filled with new friends & faces.

And finally, the back of my notebook consists of some examples of my writing — poetry, devotions, and blogging — along with notebook paper for additional notes.

The saying “It takes a group to raise a writer” certainly rings true for me. God has used Edie, Vonda, my Four Corners, the Upstate Fellowship of Christian Writers, and my online writer’s group, The Light Brigade, to speak truth, encouragement, and much hope into my life.

All that and a notebook too. 🙂 Thank You, Lord.

“Therefore, if you extract the precious from the worthless you will become My spokesman.”
Jeremiah 15:19

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