It was there all along.

A handcrafted built-in cabinet, having worn the disguise of a teacup collector’s dream for seven years, emerged with greater purpose this weekend as a book-nook for current reads.

Early on, it was difficult to deny the cabinet its teacups. Lined up just beneath each shelf were hundred-year-old hooks, hungry to hold the delicate stems of teacups ready for display. And so it sat for 7 years.

This weekend, however, this recovering book-clutterer-upper reached her limit. I considered storing my current reads on a small book shelf near my red reading chair, but where would it go? If only the built-in cabinet with all its fancy teacups were located elsewhere…[non-incandescent light bulb flashes!] Bye bye, teacups. Hello, books.

The solution to my problem was there all along, but I’d become so accustomed to seeing the teacups that I was blinded to the cabinet’s true potential.

Father, I pray for fresh eyes, awakened senses, and a stirred up Spirit, refusing to allow me to settle for the obvious, the expected, and the “what-has-always-been-is-good-enough-for-me” kind of attitude. Open my eyes to see circumstances, myself, and others through Your eyes, confident of Your desire to bring everything to its truest potential.

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