At the cookout on Sunday, I let it slip that some women (whom shall go unnamed) have been known to occasionally tuck things in the closet for awhile so that when the husbands ask when we (I mean they) bought it, they could say “This old thing? I’ve had it my closet for awhile”. It was at this point in the conversation that Brian asked, “Is that what happened with the chair I found in our laundry room?”

Really? The one time he ventures into the laundry room and he discovers my hide-a-way?

Rewind. A week or so ago I posted a blog about my little neighbor cleaning out her garage and how she had all kind of neat old things. Well, I spotted an old solid wooden office chair and fell in love immediately! Who cares if it was missing one of the casters? Apparently Brian did. He shook his head like I had lost mine and walked away saying he didn’t think we should bother with it. So, being the submissive wife that I am, I waited until he went to work and then fetched my “new” chair! Dragging that baby through the grass on three casters was not a pretty sight.

Because I wasn’t quite sure how to break the news to Brian, the chair was stored away in the laundry room. That was the one place I knew he would never find it. How could a person find a room they didn’t even know existed? 🙂 The Lord has a strange sense of humor.

As it turns out, Brian shared with the group that he DID like it after all and that he was now willing to fix it for me! I guess he was waiting to see how much longer I was willing to crawl over the chair to get to the washing machine before sharing that little tidbit of information.

We laughed so much (and so loudly!) that people in other parts of the house stuck their heads in the door wanting in on the story. Because some of you requested a picture of the infamous chair, here goes!

Although it didn’t cost me anything, the laughter this little chair produced Sunday night was priceless.

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