by Cathy Baker

My choice includes anything literary focused.

Being an office supply nerd, I confess this Artist Date made me a tad giddy. Thank you, Julia Cameron. 

Go to a stationery store. Give yourself time to stroll the aisles. What appeals to you? Do you want classic ivory stationery, or do you want something more zany? Your choice of note card sends a signal telling the world what kind of person you are, formal or casual, decorous or frivolous. Stationery makes a first impression. If you have it, you will use it. -Julia Cameron

Now let’s take it a step further. Purchase the stationery you feel best describes you (no window shopping allowed!) and then turn around and write someone. It could be someone who played a part in your being the zany-fied person that you are or someone who has been on your mind lately. I believe you already know the person who will receive your card. 

Your turn. What does your stationery have on the front cover of the card?

“Creativity lies in paradox: 

serious art is born from serious play.” – The Artist’s Way


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