Einstein said most of his best ideas came to him in bed, in the bath, and on the bus—places where it was inconvenient or impossible to write anything down.

Okay, so I’m not a theoretical physicist, but I can relate.

Sound asleep, in the shower, surrounded in traffic, strolling through Target, or in my yard—those are my Einstein moments. After losing more ideas than I care to count, however, I devised a battle plan to overcome forgetfulness.

Meet my weapons of choice:

  • A recorder in my purse or pocket (surrounded in traffic, yard)
  • Mini-notebook that fits in front pocket of purse (Target)
  • Mini-notebook by my bedside (Asleep)
  • Writer’s journal (general ideas, word pool)

Is there such thing as waterproof weaponry? Until then, I’m stuck with jotting down ideas after my shower, but otherwise, I’m without excuse.

So, when do your Einstein moments occur and what are your weapons of choice to battle against losing them?

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