Not of the cool swift kind but rather the aerodynamic type that cyclists experience in the Tour de France.

“Drafting” is a technique where at least two cyclists closely align themselves to reduce wind resistance, allowing them to move faster and more efficiently.

While watching the Tour this morning, a few observations came to mind:

  • The drafting leader meets the wind head-on allowing those who follow to expend less energy.
  • The Christian leader also meets things head-on for the benefit of their team. Those in the pace line need to remain alert to spiritual laziness.

  • Drafting works best when cyclists cooperate. Riders take turns leading and following in order to benefit all involved.
  • The Christian life exemplifies Christ best when followers, as led by the Spirit, step out from behind their leaders and take on new responsibilities, challenges, and overnight trips outside their comfort zone.

  • If cyclists fall off the pace line it’s very difficult to catch up. Momentum is lost.
  • Christ-followers were created for community. When one becomes isolated, it’s safe to say the enemy is stalking prey. While it’s sometimes difficult for Christ-followers to “stay in formation”, it’s never impossible to get back in step with the Spirit spurring us on.

I’m thankful to be sharing this “pace line” with you. 🙂

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