I’ve become a bit jaded when it comes to buying devotion books. There, I said it. 

I’m weary of girly-fluff and feel good remedies. Give me Truth and if you must add a human perspective, bring it fresh and creatively, like Jon Bloom’s Not By Sight…A Fresh Look At Old Stories Of Walking By Faith. Jon is co-founder and president of Desiring God, and apparently, a very gifted storyteller:

“These meditations are not your ordinary exposition. These are stories. Really good stories.” -John Piper

“Creatively and winsomely invites us into the realities of the Gospel accounts—to hear, feel, see, smell, and taste.” -Nancy Guthrie

“Vivid, nourishing sketches of Bible characters learning to live with their sometimes startling Lord.” -J.I. Packer

This book does not disappoint. Prepare to catch story-driven glimpses of what it means to walk by faith.   

“When the storms of life hit, they almost always appear
stronger to us than God’s Word. It is crucial for us to remember that
our perceptions can be deceptive. When circumstances strike fear into
our hearts, the question we must ask ourselves is, where is your faith?”
(p. 25).


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