Each of us will leave a legacy—but what kind?

I was incredibly blessed to be able to spend much of my life with all my grandparents, but today’s post celebrates my grandmother Knighton, who would’ve turned 97 today.

Grandmother wasn’t perfect, but she did certain things that left an indelible mark on my life:

  • She not only spoke of God often, she walked with Him. And she, like my other grandmother whom I recently blogged about, also prayed for me daily.
  • She loved unconditionally. No jumping through the hoops required.
  • She encouraged me not to grow up too soon. Early on, I faced adult situations but she insisted that I enjoy my childhood and she gave me ample space to do so, sparking creativity in this only child’s playground mind.
  • She taught me how to pause. Not every moment had to be filled with a “to-do”.
  • She encouraged creativity. As a child, I loved to pretend being a teacher, a dry cleaning clerk, a grocery clerk, and a hairstylist. She provided paper, groceries, clothes, my grandfather’s old calculator/cash register, and even her own hair for practice.

My list could go on for days, but here’s the point: We are impacting others through our words, actions, and decisions every single moment—whether we realize it or not.

  • How do you and I want to be remembered?
  • Is there someone in our lives that needs to know our love is a “no-hoop” zone?
  • Are we teaching those around us how to be, and not only do, based on our own schedules?

Writing prompt: Imagine your granddaughter/grandson/niece/nephew posts a blog about you 10 years from now, based on your current words, actions, and decisions. What would they share? Be as specific as possible. Is there anything you would like to change about their future post? Go!

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