So, what’s one way an eight-year old “only” can keep themselves entertained?

Writing out exercise plans, of course!

This particular plan was rescued from a stack of things my mom found while cleaning out my late grandmother’s home. If you’ve read past postings, you may remember that she kept every letter I’d ever written her (w/the date recorded on the back of the envelope) and just about every piece of paper I had ever scribbled on (and that’s a lot ‘o paper!).

And oh yea, my exercise plans, of course…

What I enjoyed most about this find was seeing that I was not content to exercise alone. I added both grandparents to “The Exercise Team” and wrote out a sheet, just like mine, for each of them (although I don’t remember them signing up!)

I’m not sure what prompted such a plan at that age, but I’m proud to say that I am still keeping my teeth healthy almost 40 years later (hey, one out of eight isn’t so bad! ha!)

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