Since the first planting season at this “old” house, I’ve kept a gardening journal, which includes information on each plant, it’s origin, and where it was planted in the yard. The first year tallied well over 125 perennials and shrubs. The second year, 100, and this past year it was around 75. Obviously, I’ve lost my share, but it’s still hard to believe that number of plants exist in our yard.

I’ll never forget pulling up to look at this old house for the first time. Brian was checking out the house. I was checking out the yard, which was… well, downright depressing. It was rather small, and totally barren except for weeds, some unruly shrubbery and one rose bush (which died).

2009, however, will be much more about maintaining and much less about purchasing or building hard scapes, for a variety of reasons. But that’s a good thing. It’s necessary and it’s also rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, this novice gardener becomes weak in the knees when I spot old-fashioned roses or hydrangeas (okay, basically any plant), but this Spring/Summer will need to be more about mulching, weeding and finishing the projects we began last Fall.

Am I still daydreaming about the plans Brian drew up for us last summer? You bet! But when the gardening fever hits (and it will!), I’ll grab my hoe instead of my Visa.

But hey, a girl can reminisce, right?

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