I am grateful for…

  • The Spirit’s living and active power in the lives of His people. He moved specifically in group time yesterday and a faithful servant followed through in obedience
  • Friends who aren’t afraid of idiosyncrasies (mine in particular)
  • Friends who tuck meaningful surprises in yellow bags (you know who you are)
  • A hubby who goes far above and beyond what I deserve
  • Two sons and daughter-in-laws who I like as much as I love
  • Blog posts that make me giggle — and panic at the same time (thanks Lynn!)
  • The creativity that oozes forth from my “Four Corners” writing group. Thanks to them, I have a sensational cover for my writer’s notebook.

Visit Ann Voskamp’s blog today for a FREE downloadable gratitude journal for May (thanks for the heads up, Cathy)

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