Go Zach!

Pom-poms were left at home but we cheered on our youngest son this morning during the Spinx Run Fest held in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC.

Zach’s in the yellow t and red shorts. We liked how easy he was to spot in the crowd.

Sarah, baby Piper, Ashley, and Patrick led the cheers. Brian and I are thankful for the special friendships that both boys developed while in college. Patrick and Ashley are at the top of the list!

The finish line brought an expression of relief (or is that pain?) to Zach’s face. I think it may have been a little of both, and understandably so. Training for a half-marathon while traveling out of town and preparing for Piper’s arrival is commendable… and we couldn’t be prouder!

Who knows? The entire family may get in on the 5K action next year (although Brian has threatened to wear a Twinkie costume during the race.) If that’s not enough reason to discourage me from training, I don’t know what is. 🙂

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