4 Reasons Why My Barnes & Noble Membership is a Friday Fave:

1.  At least once a month a 20% coupon lands in my inbox. 

2.  I enjoy supporting a bricks-and-mortar business.

3.  I receive 10% off a favorite magazine, Writer’s Forum. (If Southern Writer’s Magazine was available via B & N, it would certainly be included.)

4.  I’m purchasing Song-Writing Without Boundaries today at a discount (see #1) with my Christmas gift card. You don’t have to be a songwriter to appreciate this latest release from Pat Pattison. Contributing writers include multiple Grammy winning songwriter Gillian Welch, professional poet Caroline Harvey, a host of songwriters from the Berklee College of Music faculty, and others.

I’m not a member of much — my awesome church (Summit), the library, our gym, my writer’s group, and Barnes — but for $25.00 a year, I’m tempted to add a #5. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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