Creating holiday traditions is one of my favorite things to do—and this was especially true when the boys were growing up.

Setting up a family puzzle on December 1st and working on it till Christmas was one such tradition. Some years it was a hit, other times, not so much. Brian and I, however, decided to revive the tradition by beginning a puzzle on Thanksgiving night. Since then, we’ve completed two and we bought two more today.

You may giggle at the sight of our puzzle table but it too is immersed in memories. As a little girl, I often cozied up to the corner of my grandparents olive green card table on a Friday night, watching them play Setback with friends and family. Salted nuts, bottled Cokes, and a ton of laughter were served up on a platter.

During the holiday season, the olive green card table now takes its place in our den, bowed legs, peeled paper, and puzzles on top. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Care to share one of your favorite family traditions?

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