A subscription to Southern Writers Magazine neared the top of my Christmas list this past year and it’s since proven to be one gift that keeps on giving.

Every issue includes information on critiquing, blogging, building your brand, and other relevant helps for writers of all levels and genres. Featured articles are simply superb!

One such article is by Tracy Crump entitled The Golden Rule of Critiquing. I plan to share her invaluable insights with my own critique group next month. Tracy also contributes to one of my favorite writing blogs The Write Life.

Although the feel of slick paper between my fingers tends to make me a bit giddy, I chose to subscribe to the Southern Writers Magazine’s digital issues. (And my heavy-laden bookshelves heave a collective sigh of relief.)

I encourage you to stop by, take your shoes off, pour a cup of sweet tea, and enjoy these two favorite places of mine on the way to wherever you’re going today.


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