A favorite yard sale find a few years ago, Wired for a Life of Worship, by Louie Giglio, continues to impart wisdom, delight, and a fresh appreciation for the endless attributes of our mighty God. 

One half of the book is devoted to the subject of worship:

“Our lives are on loan from God, a sacred trust of opportunities and decisions. And every one of our choices is made on a battlefield with heavenly ramifications.” -Giglio

The other half invites the reader to engage in private worship by reading specific psalms, asking us to record the different attributes of God found in the text. In a plentiful space nearby, readers can write, draw, do whatever we like to express our gratitude for one attribute of our choosing. 

Titling the pages of praise is one of my favorite things to do because it quiets my soul long enough to consider who God truly is — such as Joyful, Listener, Satisfier, The Perfect Parent, Illuminator, My Fortress, Giver of Eternal Blessings, etc.

Searching for a unique worship experience? Look no further.

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