For my Friday Fave, I’m closing out my trip down memory lane with one of my favorite subjects…candy.

When I spotted the fake-o cigarettes and Mallo Cups in Saluda’s old-timey general store I knew this posting was a must. My grandmother (Mom’s mother) once found me “puffing” a candy cigarette. Let’s just say I kicked the habit that day. The candy weakness that she and I did share, however, was that of a marshmallow-filled chocolate cup known as a Mallo Cup. The candy was yummy (I think I’m still working off the calories forty years later) but what drove us to buy multiple packs was the prize inside—fake money. After saving up a certain dollar amount, it would be mailed to the manufacturer for coupons.

The wooden lollipop candy holder hung just inside MaMa’s (Dad’s mother) walk-in pantry my entire childhood. Inside, were Jolly Ranchers and of course, lollipops. After finishing my homework or something else impressive (ha!) Mama would give me permission to reach up and stick my hand in the candy box. Talk about being reward driven! MaMa gave me the candy box several years ago and now I look forward to sharing the “rewards” with my own grandchildren.

Our past may not dictate our future, but it certainly can sweeten it—especially with memories such as these.

Thanks for sharing the journey through the corridors of my childhood memories this week.

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