I call them “God glimpses”—those instances when we catch sight of God moving in our life, or in the lives of those around us, in very specific ways.

On Monday morning, I got a call from God inviting me to a “come to Jesus” meeting. His tone was firm, yet full of tender mercies. We conversed, I repented, and began anew with a fresh awareness of His presence.

As a result, this week was unlike many others in recent months, thankfully. I walked with a greater dependence on God and in doing so, my spiritual eyes were open to “God glimpses” at every turn.

God began my week by calling out my sin, including my lack of dependence on Him, and He ended my week by reminding me that I’m in training—never arriving.

“I am intimately involved in all your moments, and I am training you to be aware of Me at all times. Your assignment is to collaborate with Me in this training process.” – Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

A glimpse of God to begin my day. Only a sweet Savior would bookend my week with grace and mercy.

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