When’s the last time you changed things up a bit? 

You may remember from this post that my writing desk faced our busy city street. I enjoyed seeing vehicles whiz by and children playing on the swings in the park. 

In fact, I enjoyed the outdoor activities so much that I often found myself gazing out the window instead of tapping on the keys. It was time for a change!

My awesome hubby gave up his bookshelf, bought me a comfy chair, and helped me turn the desk towards the wall. Immediately, my concentration level spiked. Now,when a visual break is needed, I simply swivel around, prop my feet up on the window ledge, and take it all in. 

Even the smallest of changes can spark creativity. Driving a different route, moving furniture, cooking something out of the norm, etc.  

Go ahead, give it a try and watch the sparks fly! (No, I do not consider this a poem. ha!)

‘You don’t get creative by staying in the same place.’ – Andy Law


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