Location: The backyard or interior room (close to all amenities – sold!) Purpose: Reading, writing, quiet time, or a slumbering spell

Need I say more?

When I spotted Tatertots & Jello (how creative!) on Ann Voskamp’s recent post, I knew scouting it out would be time well spent—and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m a fan!

Would you agree that everyone needs their own “Summer Reading Teepee”—a place to escape, to get lost, and to wonder? It may not be crafted from cloth on clearance or have a bowl of Smarties nearby (although I’m thinking it will be more enjoyable if so), but the shabby chandelier? Now, that’s a must!

I have a feeling Brian will be purchasing lots-‘o-PVC-piping in the future as Piper (future granddaughter) has her name written all over this tent.

Brief stay + amenities + reading + giggling = my kind of camping.

-photo from Tatertots & Jello

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