Today, let’s consider giving one of the most freeing and grace-filled gifts we have the privilege to share with another person, or perhaps ourselves: forgiveness. 

  • It isn’t wrapped in paper or bows, but laid-bare before another. 
  • The power of forgiveness doesn’t diminish based on the recipient’s response because it’s not given based on our feelings, but rather, faithfulness. It is an act of the will. (1 Cor. 15:5)
  • Forgiveness hinders the enemy’s power in our lives and frees God’s best. (2 Cor. 2: 7-11)
  • No gift tag required. (John 13:34-35)
Is there someone on your Christmas list who needs/wants something from you much greater than any material possession?
“Not forgiving is like drinking cat poison 
and then waiting for the rat to die.” 
– Anne Lamott

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