Garden City, SC has been the vacation destination for my family since I was a little girl. Back then, we stayed in beach houses only steps away from the ocean. The family favorite, Whirlwind, lived up to its name in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo whirled it across the street immediately changing its rental status from oceanfront to second row.

Since that time, we’ve stayed in condos for the most part. I hope to one day rent another house on the beach with all the g-babies in tow. Until then, I have much to look forward to as we plan this year’s family beach trip:

  • spending quality time with our kids
  • trying out the anti-glare screen on my Kindle
  • burning 2.5 calories while chasing down a 250 calorie frozen lemonade
  • Sarah J’s seafood
  • Yum-Yum ice cream shoppe
  • cards and board games at night
  • searching for seashells – pure inspiration!
  • salty sea breezes
  • sitting on the beach with melodic tunes playing in my ears
  • car conversations with Brian

Needless to say, our family beach trip can’t come soon enough!

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