A yellow frock dress, blond curls, a matching bow, and the face of an angel.

This adorable four-year old and her mother came in this morning just as the service was about to begin. Before making their way down the lengthy staircase to find a seat, the mother peered over the top step, and promptly reached for the tiny tot’s hand. It took just a steady step or two before the toddler gained a new-found confidence and quickly jerked her hand away from the mother’s ever extended hand, only to grab it once more when she began to teeter.

As I watched this tug-of-war play out in front of me, it became uncomfortably all too familiar.

Life begins to teeter, throwing me off balance and into a whirlwind of unknowns. It’s during these times, when I tend to latch on to my heavenly Father’s hand–and all it represents–with a death grip. However, let life become a bit too comfy, “doable” if you will, and much like the little girl, I sadly find myself spiritually jerking away from my Father’s ever extended hand.

Dress me up in a yellow frock dress and buy me a bow (on second thought, please don’t). No amount of angelic illusions can mask the ugliness and emptiness found in self-sufficiency.

The cure? We must refuse to “dress up” the sin of self-sufficiency–call it for what it is–repent–and then run into the arms of our heavenly Father.

Experience His embrace and we’ll never settle for simply holding His hand ever again.

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