by Cathy Baker 

{ Day 20 } 

When’s the last time you packed an overnight bag, loaded up your car and escaped for a mini-getaway?

Chimney Rock, NC

Brian and I did just that this past weekend as we wound our way up the mountains to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary (which is actually today!) Our first couple of days were spent walking the bustling streets of Hendersonville and Chimney Rock, sipping down handcrafted coffee, and scoping out new antique stores. 

We also stopped by Justus Orchard, where we were greeted with a waft of winesap apples and all the fixins. Let’s just say two freshly fried turnovers and a dozen warm apple cider doughnuts (a first for us!) hitched a ride on our way back to Saluda that afternoon. Unfortunately, I have a feeling they’ll continue to hitch a ride with me for weeks to come.

(For those visiting the NC area: Dozens of orchards are scattered throughout Henderson County but Justus Orchard is a fun experience for the entire family. Children can ride in mini-trains pulled by tractors through the orchards, pet the Alpacas, and go in search of the perfect pumpkin.)

On Saturday, however, things shifted to a slower pace. Brian went to a record show for most of the day while I snuggled beneath the rafters of the side porch that hug the Blackberry Cottage. You know, nothing settles the soul quite like watching crisp winds invite the leaves to dance and seeing many accept, bowing gracefully to its direction. 

There, surrounded only by God’s handiwork, 
His voice found no competition.

Staying in Step with the Spirit: Whether it’s a few hours or a day, when we intentionally shift life into a slower gear via new surroundings we are breathing life into both our senses and our souls, enabling us to hear the Spirit’s whispers more clearly. 

Heavenly Father, thank You for those times when we can exhale busyness, noise, soul clutter and all other things clamoring for our attention. Help us to catch every quiet moment, hour, or day for Your glory. 

“Not all those who wander are lost.” 
 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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