In a rushed, distracted, and worried world how do we pursue God above all else? How do we make intimacy with God our top priority? 

Kyle Estepp not only taught from Luke 10:38-42 Sunday morning at Summit, he brought it. I encourage you to listen online this week, but for today’s purpose I sense this is all the Lord would have me share:

Martha was fuming about dinner; Mary was feasting on every word that came from the mouth of God.

Martha was troubled by many things; Mary chose the one thing.

Martha was distracted; Mary was focused.

Martha responded to Jesus in the light of circumstances; Mary responded to the circumstances in the light of Jesus. 

Martha told Jesus what to do; Mary listened for what Jesus wanted her to do. 

Martha left Jesus to go to work; Mary left the work to go to Jesus.

Martha initiated for Jesus; Mary responded to Jesus.

Martha spoke to Jesus; Mary heard from Jesus.

Martha was dutiful; Mary was devoted.  

If our friends and family were to say what is most important to us—what we value most—based on our choices, how would they answer?  

**As with all the Snippets, I try to jot down everything verbatim, but it’s not always possible.To listen to the sermon in its
entirety, I invite you to visit Summit’s site.

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