It’s great to be sharing snippets from our Sunday’s service at Summit Upstate once again.

There is one dilemma, however. Jason’s sermon was so riveting that I forgot to take notes for a good part of the service. Yes, it was that good. My snippets-attempt doesn’t do the sermon justice, but here goes:

  • If you know Jesus, you have a grace story unfolding through your life—and each one is unique.

Ways to become more intentional in sharing our own story:

  • Pray. When’s the last time we prayed for someone lost without Christ? 
  • Cultivate friendships with people who don’t know Jesus. Live intentionally. Watch to see who God will bring across your path today and be prepared to share. 
  • Repeat. Don’t grow weary in well doing. Keep going. After all, God is the one drawing people, not you. 
  • Embrace the uniqueness of your story. Stop wishing you had another person’s grace story!

lot of people say the Church is no longer relevant — that we need to
be hipper or trendier for people to want to come and camp out at the
Church’s door. It’s not about making God “cooler” — it’s about the
Church living intentionally.

arrogant of us to think God has become irrelevant and that it’s our job
to make Him relevant. -Jason Malone (I’d say this is tweet-worthy,
wouldn’t you?)

To hear the sermon in its entirety, please visit Summit’s site. Jason’s sermon should be posted by Tuesday/Wednesday. 

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