Staying in Step with the Spirit Via Specific Prayers

by Cathy Baker
{ Day 6 }

What specific things are we praying for these days?Whether last
minute cries for help, a laundry list of needs, or an unexplainable
groaning from within—God hears the prayers of His people. 
But add
specificity, and we’re given an opportunity to witness our God’s
awe-inspiring attention to detail in action. 
of those moments came for me this week while peering out our window,
curled up in my prayer chair. I was sharing with the Lord how I’d not
sensed His presence as much in recent weeks, even though I was confident
He was there—whether I felt it or not. Nevertheless, like any daughter
desiring to feel closer to her Father, I made a simple but heartfelt
request: “Pappa, I just want to know You’re near.”

catching my next breath, a brief but blustery gust of wind swept
through the trees closest to my window pane—without disturbing another
tree in my yard.


To some, a ten-second gust of wind would simply appear as our season’s
signature. To me, however, it was a specific answer to prayer—a Father
reminding His daughter that through His Holy Spirit He is always a
breath away.
Staying in step with the Holy Spirit: Just as good communication promotes closer and richer relationships, the same is true in our relationship with God. A dialogue consists of a conversational exchange between two people. If you’re like me, you’re well versed in the asking part, but a little rusty when it comes to watching and listening for God’s answers. When we do, however, He is faithful to make Himself known to us for He is a personal God longing to converse with you and me. 

Heavenly Father, I thank You that Your presence in our life isn’t dependent upon whether we feel like You’re near or not. Today, as we seek to draw nearer to You through Your Holy Spirit, help us to pray specifically, trust fully, watch expectantly, and praise You quickly. 

What specific answers will you be watching and listening for this week? If you feel comfortable sharing in the comment section, I’d love to join you in that prayer. Otherwise, can you share how God has personally revealed Himself to you lately? 

Prayer is not monologue, but dialogue. Gods voice in response to mine is its most essential part. ~ Andrew Murray
(Last Sunday, one of our pastors at Summit Upstate, Kyle Estepp, mentioned the wind in relation to the Holy Spirit. It reminded me of the above post from 2011. Because it stays in step with our October series I decided to slightly tweak it and re-post.)

Friday Fave – God’s Promptings

In this recent post I hinted at an idea the Lord gave me while preparing for the introduction to our study Abiding in Christ, by Andrew Murray and Bo Stevens. 

The idea bubbled to the surface as I imagined the disciples walking past a nearby vineyard following their last supper with Christ. The bread and the wine still lingering on their lips would become even more meaningful as Jesus taught on the Vine and the branches—a union that complements the Lord’s Supper beautifully.  

As I closed out our introduction night, the juice and crackers were passed. We had a time of self-examination while David Teems (More Hope CD) played in the background. Afterwards, an amazing group of women from various backgrounds, denominations and churches came together as one to celebrate the One who makes an abiding relationship with a holy God possible. 

To God be the glory!

Ladies’ Community Study – What’s Next?

I plopped down on Lifeway’s blue armless chair, arms filled with the latest bible studies, and bowed my head. I mean, one can’t go wrong in choosing a study as long as we’re in the Word, right? In the big picture, I believe this to be true—but I also believe God is in the details of our personal lives. So I pray.
Lord, You alone know who will attend this study. You alone know our true journey — where we are, where we desire to be, our strengths, our weaknesses, our everything. Pour out Your wisdom and direct me clearly in choosing our next study, as I am confident You have a purpose and a plan for each of us.
And pour out He did. Two hours, and nearly fifteen studies later, one study stood out: Abide in Christ, by Andrew Murray and Bo Stevens.
“It would be easy to study this parable to gain more knowledge, but this was not our Lord’s intent when He shared this parable with His disciples. His intent was for them to experience an abiding relationship in Him. He has the same intent for you and me today. He wants us to learn to abide, not simply learn what it means to abide.” -Bo Stevens
This modern-day version of Andrew Murray’s The True Vine invites us to dive in the Word throughout the week and come up for air on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m.
While the study itself is only 6 weeks, we will have an introduction the first week, and on our final week, we’ll come together for a very special Vine & the Branches tea party that you’ll not want to miss.
Begins: Tuesday, September 4th
Ends: Tuesday, October 23
Time: 6:30-7:45 p.m.
Place: Be Encouraged Ministry House, Simpsonville
Led by Cathy Baker and Becky Kirby

We’d love to see you there!


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