Rainy Days and Mondays (3 Summer Activities to Enjoy on Days Like These)

 by Cathy Baker

“Lost time is 
never found again.”
Benjamin Franklin

I made a lot of mistakes as a mom of two little boys, especially before coming to know Christ. But one thing I longed for as a young mother was to create good memories for my children. Today, I’m sharing three favorite family activities from way back when. Thankfully, rainy days and uncharted roads still offer much fun for children and adults alike. 

On rainy days, pull out a lightweight sheet, gather a few chairs, and make a tent indoors. Fluffy pillows, popped corn, and a favorite movie are the perfect ingredients for a gaggle of giggles. Enjoying a picnic-type lunch under the sheet makes peanut butter and jelly taste even sweeter. Now I make tents for the grandchildren and they love it as much as their dads did all those years ago.

Play in the rain! I can’t say this happened often but when it did, it was fun. On days when lightening stays at bay but rain pours in buckets, take the kids outside, stick your tongues out and take it all in, for in a blink they’ll be taking their own children out to play. Trust me.  


    Explore! On a whim, I’d load up the boys to explore back roads we’d never traveled just to see where we’d end up. Of course, our final destination was located on a very familiar road offering up a well-acquainted dessert, the TCBY Shiver. (Who says I’m not adventurous?)

    Your turn! Do you have a favorite activity you share (or shared) with the little ones in your life? We’d love to read about it, if so. Please share in the comment section. 

    “School teachers are not fully appreciated by parents 
    until it rains all day Saturday.” Unknown

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