A List of 25 Things I’m Loving Right Now



Things I Love

Life has been a whirlwind in recent months and I don’t see the winds dying down for awhile. So I do what I do…make lists.

I hope some of these things I’m loving right now will resonate with you and perhaps even prompt you to consider your own surroundings along with the many blessings tucked in between your days.

  1. Spacious places. Psalm 18:19 is my go-to verse with this next move. “He brought me out into a spacious place…”
  2. DW Home Hand-Poured Candles. Vanilla Bean, to be specific. I purchased every last one TJ Maxx carried –  to the tune of 35.00+ worth. Yes, they’re that delicious.
  3. Poetry. I love to read it …and write it.
  4. My church. It’s a church that loves well, no matter what.
  5. My great-grandparent’s bible. Its underlined scripture hints at the legacy they would leave behind.
  6. Peppermint Snow. Dee Dee Parker’s Christmas novella that’s sure to be a best-seller one day!
  7. Exchange Coffee. My local coffee shop makes the best lavender lattes, hands down.
  8. Pride & Prejudice, A&E version with Colin Firth. And only this version. Swoon-worthy.
  9. The original scent of Downy softener. It reminds me of my grandmother’s laundry days.
  10. A charm bracelet with each of my grandchildren’s names forged on a separate heart. {They are my heart.}
  11. Vintage VW vans. Because everybody has a little hippie in them!
  12. My well-loved cookbooks.
  13. Blogging. Absolutely. Love. It.
  14. Soft breezes on scorching hot days. A reminder that refreshment can rise even on the driest of days.
  15. Owls. Maybe it’s a throwback to the ’70s but I love them.
  16. Tiny houses. {Especially as an Airbnb on our future property!}
  17. Chickens and goats and rabbits, oh my!
  18. Pastures & ponies. These two ‘p’s’ equal a third: Peaceful.
  19. My bible. I’ve had it since 1991. Its pages paper-thin and lovingly marked.
  20. White walls, chalkboards, and Mason jars decor. {Does that count for 3?}
  21. Girl gatherings. It’s been a while since I’ve hosted one of these but once we get moved preparest thou!
  22. Chenille blankets. Vintage chenille blankets. Soft, warm, and plush comfort. {Especially on snowy days.}
  23. The way my grandchildren smile when we first see them. {Be still my heart.}
  24. Music. The gift of music meanders its way through the soul like nothing else.
  25. Rainy days when I don’t have to be anywhere. Showers falling, coffee in hand, and a good book. {Exhale.}
Do any of the above items trigger your own love-fest? I’d love to read 25 things you love, so if you decide to do the same on your blog please let me know.  Even if you decide not to publicly share your list, I encourage you to make it anyway.
It will do the soul good. Very good.

Did I happen to mention the cupcakes at Exchange Coffee?
Did I happen to mention the cupcakes at Exchange Coffee? Okay, that makes 26.

Date Nights and Fall Buckets

by Cathy Baker

Friday nights around the Baker house means date night! 

Tonight, after we trek over to Moe’s (hubster’s favorite place) we’ll make our regular rounds to TJ Maxx and perhaps a bookstore. Yep, we empty nesters know how to whoop it up on a Friday night. See what so many of you have to look forward to? 🙂

But wait…the excitement continues! (Actually, if you’re a list-lover such as myself, you know I mean this in all seriousness.) Later tonight, we’ll pull out a sheet of paper and take turns listing ten things we’d each like to add to our Fall Bucket List. Here are a few of mine: 

  • Start a walk/run regime. (I just got clearance from the doctor!) What better time to begin an outdoor exercise than the Fall? 
  • Go to the Pumpkin Patch with the grand kids. I mean, could anything top this? 
  • Put on my flannel PJ’s, pop my favorite corn, turn on my heated throw blanket (best purchase EVER!), and watch all the original Pride and Prejudice’s (with Colin Firth, the one and only Mr. Darcy in my book) in a row…with the lights out. Remember one of the final scenes where they finally confess their love for one another? It’s a beautiful Autumn scene! But then again, I have to admit I’m a little distracted by the pools of affection catching light in Mr. Darcy’s eyes around that same time. Just sayin’.

It’s time to fall in love with Fall all over again and one way to accomplish this is for us to become more intentional. Just as we could list the many reasons we love someone, let’s list a few things we love and appreciate about Fall so we can make the most of our time. 

So now it’s your turn! What’s one Fallish delight that will be added to your Fall Bucket List this October? 

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