Creating Family Traditions

It’s never too late to begin a new family tradition!

Back in 2008, and again last year, I shared this post, so if it seems familiar—it is, but new readers have joined us since last December. (Welcome!) 

Now, with two granddaughters and a grandson, Brian and I are re-creating some of our past traditions and starting a few new ones as well.

To most, this is a simple (and bare) Nestle Quik container. To me,
however, this brightly lidded container represents a priceless treasury
trove of memories.

When the boys were little, we created a
Christmas tradition that if they behaved throughout the day, they could
draw one or two slips of paper from the container and we, as a family,
would have to do whatever it said. Good behavior + family activities =
success! I’m not sure what it is with me and slips of paper, but here
were some of the activities they found inside:

  • Ride through a nearby small town (for us, Fountain Inn) and enjoy the lights and decorations.
  • Work on the Christmas puzzle (we tried to complete one a season – leaving it out 24/7 for anyone wanting to work on it at any given time.)
  • Rent a Christmas movie or watch one of ours. Make some popcorn and cocoa. Change seats during commercials.
  • Family Instrument Night. Grab pots, pans – sing your favorite fun Christmas songs.
  • Sleep on couch bed (this folded out in our den where they could fall asleep watching Christmas movies)
  • Turn off all the lights in the house except for the tree lights and watch a classic Christmas movie together as a family.
  • Make up your own version of the “12 Days” and share it with everyone.
  • Each
    family member does an acrostic for the word “Christmas”. Time limit:
    10 minutes. Share it with the group and then display them in the house.
  • Pray for all those who have sent us Christmas cards.
  • Make a pallet for sleeping under the Christmas tree, turn on the tree lights and turn off all others. (The boys loved this!)
  • Choose your favorite Christmas CD to play. TV off!

and I enjoyed creating traditions for the boys while they were growing
up. We felt it gave them a sense of security and stability — something I
could never offer them during their very early years when I had no
relationship with Jesus.
Many great memories have been created over the years and now we’re blessed to enjoy some of these traditions with our grandchildren.

I’d love to hear your favorite family tradition!  

My Friday Fave Saved for Saturday

Creating holiday traditions is one of my favorite things to do—and this was especially true when the boys were growing up.

Setting up a family puzzle on December 1st and working on it till Christmas was one such tradition. Some years it was a hit, other times, not so much. Brian and I, however, decided to revive the tradition by beginning a puzzle on Thanksgiving night. Since then, we’ve completed two and we bought two more today.

You may giggle at the sight of our puzzle table but it too is immersed in memories. As a little girl, I often cozied up to the corner of my grandparents olive green card table on a Friday night, watching them play Setback with friends and family. Salted nuts, bottled Cokes, and a ton of laughter were served up on a platter.

During the holiday season, the olive green card table now takes its place in our den, bowed legs, peeled paper, and puzzles on top. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Care to share one of your favorite family traditions?

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