Friday Fave: Active Link


Meet my new geeky best friend, Active Link, by Weight Watchers.

The flash drive clicks into either a clip that can be worn beneath your shirt or into a holder that can be worn around the neck. Unlike a pedometer, Active Link measures all your movements—a benefit that immediately piqued my curiosity. 

A few others in Weight Watchers (who had already taken the AL plunge) shared how the gadget gave them an incentive to exercise more but I admit, I was not convinced. But having recently made some serious strides in eating healthier, I was game to try!

From the moment I slid the gadget into place my goal-oriented self became happy, happy, happy. If it only registers at 60% by mid-day, I find myself organizing a small area, sneaking in an extra walk, parking further from my destination, or pumping up my 70’s music (my favorite!)

One can’t go wrong with a gadget packaged in a bright green box. Gotta love it!

– Photograph courtesy of Danica’s Daily, an awesome blog featuring Danica’s Weight Watchers journey.

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