How I Lost 14 Pounds in 8 Weeks with Weight Watchers

by Cathy Baker

Three things you need to know about this post:

1. It’s not exactly a snippet.
2. It is, however, something I sense God wants me to share.
3. His promptings trump my plans.


Before I jump in, you need to know that in 2012 I was enrolled in Weight Watchers, as I am now, but the results were much different. It took me six months to lose ten pounds. Here’s the difference:

My motivation. After gall bladder surgery in March my awesome hubby waited on me hand and foot. While a blessing, his willingness to care for me awakened me to the fact that if I kept going in the same direction on the scale, he would one day be taking care of me on a whole other level due to poor health. Another reason? I don’t want to “burden” my children in the future simply because I refuse to take better care of myself today.

Some things we have no control over
but the choices we can make today will determine the choices made for us in the future.

With that, here are some simple strategies that have evolved — and continue to evolve — as a Weight Watchers member. Even if you’re not enrolled in WW, I hope something will spark your interest. Remember, these are choices I’ve made based on my preferences. You’ll have your own. 🙂 And by the way, I have a long way to go. I’ve not arrived. I will fail at times but I’m in it for the long haul and these tips would’ve helped me stay on track in 2012, so here goes.

1. Count every single point. This also holds true if you’re counting carbs or calories. In 2012, I didn’t count the strawberry jam on my toast because, well, jam naturally goes with toast! #Fail.

2. Using my bonus points, I choose one special thing to eat/drink on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I try to leave at least 15 bonus points available for the week. This way, I’m able to work in my favorite Panera breakfast sandwich (replacing the egg with egg whites), my fancy froo-froo frappucino (I ask them to hold the whip cream but to put on a dome lid so that when I get home, I can fill it with my fat free whip) and last but not least, pumpkin bread from Starbucks on Sunday. There’s no deprivation here, my friends.

3. I make sure everything I use to cook breakfast (egg whites, grits, coffee) are clean the night before. This way, I’m not tempted to eat anything else. You’d be surprised how a dirty spatula can leave you aching for a gravy biscuit.

4. Keep healthy ingredients on hand as well as specific ingredients needed for your meals. I bake all my chicken for the week at once, weigh out 1.5 oz, and put that amount in individual freezer bags to pull out as needed for salads.

5. I’m learning to replace one high point food with a low one. I love sweets! I’ve found a WW candy that I find very satisfying for only 1 point. Sure beats a bag of 7 point M and M’s.

6. When recently meeting friends at a Mexican restaurant I decided ahead of time that if I left the restaurant without having eaten chips and salsa I would feel very deprived. I wouldn’t, however, feel deprived by leaving tacos in my wake so I ate a 3 point meal just before leaving the house and polished off my meal at the restaurant with a dozen chips and salsa for 4 points. Major score!

7. Combine breakfast and lunch points for something special. Eating a banana or other fruit earlier in the morning can make this a reality.

8. Before I go out to eat, I check the WW site to determine my options.

9. I bought a Fitbit with a heart-rate monitor and love it! Talk about motivation.

10. Going through several tests for my gall bladder issues in March helped me to realize that it was perfectly okay to go to bed with a growling tummy. Really, it is.

11. When we go to the movies (normally on a weekend) I plan to have my special treat (see #2) AFTER the movie. It gives me something to look forward to and I don’t succumb to the 30+ points the movie popcorn has to offer. #applydirectlytothehips

12. Accountability. I can’t stress this one enough. In all honesty, there were only two reasons why I re-joined Weight Watchers meetings: My best friend of 20+ years kept inviting me (at Summit Church we refer to this as being lovingly intrusive) and Michelin had a great deal to offer. But now as I look back I’m convinced the accountability has made all the difference.

13. Find an exercise that feels more like fun than torture. For me, it’s Jazzercise. I especially appreciate the fact there’s not an expansive glass wall putting me on display. #andsimpsonvilleheavesacollectivesighofrelief

Again, I’m not saying I’ve got it all under control — far from it — but for the first time in my life, I see the tremendous impact a handful of simple strategies can make in a person’s life. I want to encourage you as I encourage myself.

If you like the ideas above I can continue sharing them as I put them into practice but above all, I’d love to learn from YOU!

Please share any strategies you’ve learned along the way. To God be the glory.



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