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by Cathy Baker

Today,  I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Lori Roeleveld. She’s incredibly talented, downright inspiring, and a witty disturber of Hobbits. 

Lori’s NEW book, Running from a Crazy Man (and Other Adventures Traveling with Jesus) was released in December 2014. 

Frankly, it’s unlike any book I’ve read. Brief essays, if you will, that take aim at the soul, penetrating the heart on its way with truth through beautifully told stories. I’ve yet to sit down and be content to read just one. I double dare you to try! And I’m in good company. Check out what Jerry B. Jenkins had to say about Running from a Crazy Man:

You’ll find yourself saying as I did: just one more chapter. And one more. And one more. ~ Jerry B. Jenkins

I’m sharing Lori’s book not only because it’s relatively NEW on the market but because of her voice—her fresh Gospel-driven perspective. One moment you’re giggling like a girl and in the next, your soul is dropping to its knees in recognition of Who is truly speaking to you through these shared adventures.  

I highly recommend this book (as well as Lori’s blog) for all the serious travelers of Christ out there. In fact, I’d like to share a copy with you. Simply leave a comment on this blog sharing ONE thing that stood out to you in her story, Are You Stuck in the Wrong Story?, below. I’ll draw a name via Random Name Picker on February 1st and announce it that week. If you would like it signed, I can mail it to you at the end of May (I see her at the conference mid-May.)

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt — and don’t forget to leave a comment on the blog for your chance to win a FREE autographed copy! 

Lori Roeleveld

Are You Stuck in the
Wrong Story?
Following Jesus When Life Is No Fairy Tale


Cinderella knew the truth. She was intended for greater things than sweeping
ashes from the hearth.

Are you sometimes haunted by the notion that you were meant for more? You
should examine that idea. It may be from God.

My daughter got me interested in a Sunday night television show called Once
Upon a Time
. It’s the story of a town inhabited by storybook characters trying
to find their way back into the world in which they really belong.

But really, it’s the gospel.

That’s probably not what the writers intended, but Jesus, in an effort to reach
His people, will even inject Himself into the primetime lineup of network

In the first season, Once Upon a Time was all about the characters awakening and
remembering that they were once part of a glorious land. It features one child
who still believes in their story and is willing to take drastic measures to
remind everyone else of their former glory. Because of him, they are awake.
Now, they remember they’re not just librarians or shopkeepers or waitresses,
but they have “once upon a time” bloodlines with ancient stories full of magic
and adventure.

Even though they’re awake, they are not yet back home in The Enchanted Forest.
They remain trapped in a foreign place hostile to their former way of life.
Dark forces oppose them. An enemy works against their return, trying to keep
them in bondage to their everyday, ordinary, lesser selves—to rob them of their

It’s the gospel, don’t you see? Can you acknowledge the playfulness of our
amazing Creator as He inserts His homecoming beacon into our modern culture and
cries out for us to remember who we were designed to be?

Doesn’t your heart cry out after a long Monday, or in the face of another Tuesday,
to be part of a greater story? Isn’t there within you a longing for a home you
don’t remember ever knowing? Don’t you sometimes feel trapped in a minor role
when all your dreams and passions create a force that threatens to destroy you
if you don’t find the role you were born to play?

Jesus created everything. His story is in His Word, yes, but He roams,
unconfined, across genres. He appears in the music we write, the movies we
make, the art we create, and the stories we tell.

He is calling to us—calling to us from every medium—to remember who we are.

For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night
or of the darkness. So then let us not sleep, as others do, but let us keep
awake and be sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get
drunk, are drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be sober,
having put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of
salvation. (1 Thessalonians 5:5-8)

Feel stuck inside a lesser role than you were intended to play? Wake up. Like
Sleeping Beauty, you need the kiss of true love. There is a High King and He
will free you if you come to Him. There is a rider on a White Horse coming. Can
you hear His hoofbeats?

Wake up, loved ones! You have a part in the greater story. Everything your
heart whispers to you in the night is true. There is more, and you were meant
to be part of it.

Once upon a time, there was a King who shed His blood to ransom His people back
from the grave. It is the greatest and truest story ever told.

And it is the place where you belong.

Lori Stanley Roeleveld is a
disturber of hobbits who enjoys making comfortable Christians late for dinner.
She’s authored a disturbing blog since 2009; a pursuit that eventually resulted
in her first book, Running from a Crazy
Man (and other adventures traveling with Jesus). Lori’s blog has a modest
but faithful daily readership and yet, in the past year, one post was viewed
over 1.7 million times and another was shared over 275,000 times on Facebook. Lori
has published newspaper and magazine articles, poetry, and plays. Her novels,
short stories, and Bible studies have won several awards. Besides degrees in
Psychology and Biblical Studies, Lori earned her Masters in Motherhood
homeschooling her two children through graduation. Now, she draws energy from
helping writers find their voice and see God’s vision for their work. In her
day job, Lori writes the stories of real families in crisis so others see their
strengths and values, not just their problems. You’ll find Lori at her website www.loriroeleveld.com or on her front porch writing. If not, know
she’s somewhere slaying dragons.

10 Things I Learned in 2014

Image Credit: Blogworld

by Cathy Baker

Happy New Year’s Eve!

To close out 2014 in the blogosphere, I decided to share ten things I’ve learned this year. Hopefully, I learned more than ten (ha!) but it was first come, first serve in the memory bank so here goes (in no particular order): 

1. I have two new favorite authors!

Actually, it’s because of Emily P. Freeman that this post exists at all. The idea originated on her site, Chatting at the Sky. Emily’s book, A Million Little Ways, remains at the top of my all time fave books. 

Another favorite author is Lori Roeleveld. Her recent release, Running From a Crazy Man (and other adventures with Jesus), forwarded by Jerry B. Jenkins, is a must read for those who are serious about putting the gospel on display. (It’s 1.99 on Kindle right now!)

2. Every choice I make either moves me closer to my goals or draws me
further away from them.

When I consider my self-talk at the brink of an unwise choice it often goes like this: What difference will one frappe make in the big scheme of things?  Truth is, that one frappe does make a difference. Every single time I say “no” to an unhealthy choice I’m actually saying “yes” to my goal of becoming healthier. 

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