Sunday Snippets – One Pursuit

In a rushed, distracted, and worried world how do we pursue God above all else? How do we make intimacy with God our top priority? 

Kyle Estepp not only taught from Luke 10:38-42 Sunday morning at Summit, he brought it. I encourage you to listen online this week, but for today’s purpose I sense this is all the Lord would have me share:

Martha was fuming about dinner; Mary was feasting on every word that came from the mouth of God.

Martha was troubled by many things; Mary chose the one thing.

Martha was distracted; Mary was focused.

Martha responded to Jesus in the light of circumstances; Mary responded to the circumstances in the light of Jesus. 

Martha told Jesus what to do; Mary listened for what Jesus wanted her to do. 

Martha left Jesus to go to work; Mary left the work to go to Jesus.

Martha initiated for Jesus; Mary responded to Jesus.

Martha spoke to Jesus; Mary heard from Jesus.

Martha was dutiful; Mary was devoted.  

– Howard Baker, Does Jesus Prefer the Ideal Worker or the Ideal Worshipper?

If our friends and family were to say what is most important to us—what we value most—based on our choices, how would they answer?  

**As with all the Snippets, I try to jot down everything verbatim, but it’s not always possible.To listen to the sermon in its
entirety, I invite you to visit Summit’s site.

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